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How We Work

There has been quiet a revolution in the world of fitness. Fitness, health and weight loss has moved online taking the world along with it. Get customized weight loss,health and therapeutic diets on that will beautifully fit in with your individual health profile. Get virtually but personally attended to by our nutritionist, and be in the best shape and health you'll ever be.

Shop Your Program - Fill in the Assessment Form - Get the Customised Meal Plan  

That is..

Shop Your Program – Select The Program and Subscription period and make the payment.For payment you can get in touch with us via whatsapp,phone or email.

Fill in the Assessment Form- Post the payment, receive the assessment form where we get technical, and ask detailed information about your eating, sleeping, drinking habits and day to day routine so that we can design a meal plan that suits your individual requirements.

Get Customized Meal Plan- After filling the assessment form and mailing us the same get the meal plan with guidelines within 48hrs.

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