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The Wellness Jar Programs

Your health should be a main priority in your life, so don’t let it slip through the cracks. The Wellness Jar is here to ensure that you stay on the right track to achieving all of your health goals.And hence we provide customized solutions based on your requirement.Take a look at the health services offered below, and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

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The Wellness Jar Programs: Services
The Wellness Jar Personalized Programs

The Wellness Jar Personalized Programs

One on one meetings once in 15 days virtually through video calling,whatsapp call or phone calls and with whatsapp,sms and email support is what we provide to ensure that the complete focus and attention is on you and your problems.We believe in a right meal plan with proper lifestyle modifications which we feel is one of the keys to a happier and healthier life.Be it Weight Loss,Weight Gain or managing medical conditions like Thyroid,Diabetes,PCOD,Heart Diseases,High Cholesterol,Insulin Resistance,Digestive Disorders,Pregnancy,Lactation,Pediatric Nutrition or its rewiring your lifestyle for a healthier version of you we follow the Pratical,Possible and Doable approach because we believe in a long term and permanent change in you and not a short term and temporary one.We help clients achieve a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle and make sure that at the end of the program you become well-versed at making the best food-related decisions for your health needs. Don’t wait to schedule your session today.

       Program Offerings: 

  1. Body Fat Analysis (Twice -only applicable for in-person appointments)

  2. Customized Meal Plan with options(Changes made as per progress)

  3. Progress Evaluation By Nutritionist Ankita

  4. Analysis of Blood reports ( If Prescribed and done )

  5. Every 5 days WhatsApp

  6. Follow up through Call / Video Call ( Every 15 days )

  7. Whatsapp Support for Quick Query Resolution

  8. Exercise Regime Consultation ( If required & as per need )

  9. Day to day Necessity & Grocery Shopping Guide  

  10. Guidelines Specific to Health Disorders

  11. Guidance on meal management during Holiday / Restaurant / Weddings / Parties

  12. Variety of Smart Snacking Options

  13. Evaluation of food diary


Single Consultation Offerings

Consultation + Fat Analysis ( 1 ) + Basic Customized Meal Plan + Guidelines


Program Charges

Inclinic Single Consultation - Rs.2400

Online Single Consultation - Rs.1500

Inclinic 45 Days – Rs.4500

Online 45 Days - Rs.3600

Inclinic 90 Days – Rs.7400

Online 90 Days - Rs.6500

Inclinic 6 Months - Rs.12900

Online 6 Months - Rs.12000

Inclinic 12 Months - Rs.20900

Online 1 year - Rs.20000

For more details get in touch with us

The Wellness Jar Group Programs (1).png

The Wellness Jar Group Programs

In our 4 week group nutrition program, sessions are limited to groups of 3-8 people.Through these four 30 minute sessions, receive all of the information, tools, and motivation needed to successfully get healthy and get happy.This program has a sociable aspect to it and is a place where like minded people meet in a similar situation to achieve their health goals.In this apart from like minded people and friends we have designed a special program for the family.

Family-In this we have motivational counselling session with you & your family, once in 10 days to help you inculcate healthy lifestyle changes within your family and help your children form good healthy habits at an early age.So this includes 2 adults and 1 child.

         Program Charges

Per Person / month - Rs.3000

Family ( 2 adults + 1 child ) - Rs.7000

The Wellness Jar Corporate Programs (3).png

The Wellness Jar Corporate Programs

The Corporate programs at The Wellness Jar aims at providing preventive and curative solutions to companies which helps improve the health status of their employees leading to happier & more productive team.

The corporate mantra of "work life balance" needs to be modified to "work, health and life balance" as increasing competition and hectic work schedules have resulted in severe health problems in the employees. It is getting critical day by day that employee health becomes an integral part of any employer's responsibility as healthy employees not only have better productivity but also help in reducing absenteeism and reduce medical claims. 

Our Workshops help empower employees with the right knowledge to make informed and healthier food choices along with increasing awareness about various lifestyle and health issues which have a direct bearing on their overall health and well being. We aim to create a healthier & happier workforce ready to take on the challenges of the modern working life which shall benefit them both professionally and personally too.

We provide a range of short term and long term thats the annual programs which can be custom designed to your organisation's needs. 

Diet & Nutrition Workshop-1.5hr duration includes an  interactive talk +30min Q & A

Diet & Nutrition Camp-One day on-site camp to evaluate individual employee health status and provide specific counseling. 

In House Diet & Nutrition Helpdesk-

 This allows employees access to individualize counseling, detailed dietary advice and meal planning. With easy access available right within the Company premises, employees would be able to exercise a better, healthier lifestyle at their convenience.

Cafeteria Menu Review

Let The Wellness Jar advice and plan the meals that your cafeteria provides its employees and see the difference.

Program Charges to be decided on venue & crowd size.

Mode of consultation : Offline (In-person) , On-line ( Video by Skype, IMO, Google Hangouts or Audio via Phone call/ Whatsapp call)

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